Dusty O

Dusty O was one of the most visible and popular faces of Soho for a quarter of a century. As a performer, DJ, writer, fashion muse and club promoter he carved a career which took him all over the world leading to hundreds of magazine and television appearances and the soubriquet “Queen of Soho”.

The Artist

Seven years ago , Dusty O started painting as a new and more private format to express his creative output and energy. Since he started painting, he has built up a loyal online following, selling in excess of 500 pictures and has staged 6  solo shows in the UK, Spain and Japan. Dusty was the first openly Queer artist to be invited to show a collection of work at the Houses of Parliament which sold every painting shown.

Dusty O's Works

Dusty O’s works reveal a glimpse of his past experiences and lifestyle and mirror his likes, dislikes, foibles and eccentricities, dripping with contorted images of his reality as a performer and human being. Playing heavily on colour, whilst utterly dismissing their regular usage and norms, full of frenetic energy, vigour and spontaneous creativity.

Dusty O's Art for Sale

Dusty’s work also extended to a collection of digital portraits of his influencers, which are available as prints, and Dusty recently designed a huge mural for Birmingham City centre in conjunction with Sky Arts.

His work is vivid and unapologetic and reflects his colourful past and present. No fucks given. Enjoy.

Latest Works in the Shop

Dive into a world of creativity and explore Dusty’s newest additions—captivating pieces that will transform your space. Let your walls tell a unique story with our fresh and inspiring artworks.

Recent Events

Dusty O was exhibited at the Brain Brunn Gallery in Tokyo for the exciting ‘Three’ exhibition from September 20th to November 5th.  You can find the gallery at 3-1-1 Motokayama-cho, Ouji-shi, Tokyo-to. For enquiries, please call 042-649-2497. Note that the gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (except for public holidays). Dusty O’s work was very much enjoyed and appreciated by those lucky enough to attend!

The Boy Who Sat by the Window

Dusty recently wrote an Amazon Best selling memoire of their life which is available from this site and in all good book shops and on line platforms.

“My story is one of laughter and hedonism, dressing up and showing off. I played Queen in a parallel universe of glamour, rhinestones and couture outfits. It’s also one of alienation and loneliness and of always being the odd one out. I lived through AIDS, Princess Diana and Thatcher but came out singing and dancing my way through Soho and the West End. I survived a murder attempt and bankruptcy. I am still here.

Now I paint my feelings and not my face and once again feel as if my journey is beginning. This is my truth. Grubby at times but mine to tell. Here it is. Uncensored.”

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